Aeron enters EOS ecosystem — the first ever bi-directional ERC20 ⇄ EOS token swap

Dear Subscriber,

With great pride we announce that Aeron enters EOS ecosystem with the launch of Aeron (ARN) token for EOS blockchain, available with free cross-blockchain token swap.

Cross-blockchain swap ratio is 1:1 and Aeron (ARN) tokens issued on EOS blockchain are fully backed by tokens on Ethereum blockchain.

Taking this bold step, the whole new world of EOS decentralized exchanges and liquidity options opens up for ARN token holders, with instant trades in ARN/EOS trading pairs, convenience and innovation promoted by EOS ecosystem.

Instant token swap is available at:

Here we answer the most common questions regarding the token swap:

· Both ARN ERC20 and ARN EOS tokens will co-exist.

· The swap is not mandatory and can be performed at the holder’s discretion.

· There is no time limit for the swap and it will remain open permanently.

· An ERC20 token is locked once its EOS counterpart is released (and vice versa), so each EOS token is 1:1 backed by a legacy ERC20 token value.

· No any token burning is involved, as the swap is bi-directional and EOS token can be swapped back into ERC20 token at any time.

· There is no fee to swap your tokens in any direction.

Perfect liquidity for ARN EOS token is prepared from day one, with listing at all significant exchanges in EOS ecosystem and support from the leading EOS wallet — MEET.ONE:

Store, transfer and trade ARN EOS token:

ARN/EOS trading pairs (more exchanges to be added soon):






Going forward, additional ARN trading pairings will be enabled with newly released EOS stable coins (EUSD, EBTC, EETH), offering convenient options for value exchange and storage within EOS ecosystem. EOS stable coins and their availability are explained at

Further we offer certain basic instructions for those who have never traded with EOS decentralized exchanges before. Before trading on any of these exchanges, make sure that you have a registered EOS account which you will use to transfer and manage your assets. You can register it directly in MEET.ONE ( or Paytomat Wallet ( Keep in mind that costs a couple of dollars to obtain an EOS account. Also, for trouble-free management of your wallet, we recommend staking up to 5 EOS (for CPU, RAM and NET). That can be done within your wallet application.

Once your EOS account is ready, you can go straight to the exchanges.

These are decentralized exchanges that do not store your assets, but directly connect to users’ wallets. All transactions are executed through smart contracts and recorded on the blockchain. To register on these EOS exchanges, you will need to use Scatter — a special software tool that enables authentication in EOS ecosystem. Installation does not take much time, and Scatter is available for different platforms. An official FAQ will help you to install and configure this tool: After verification through Scatter, bind your EOS wallet to your DEX account and start trading.

In some decentralized exchanges, there is one more option for registration. In addition to using Scatter, you can link your exchange account directly to your EOS account by scanning a QR code with your mobile EOS wallet application. Or you may trade directly in mobile app!

Aeron (ARN) token swap backend is supported by Paytomat, an integrated payment solution that services retail payments for existing merchant systems and custom financial instruments. Paytomat’s infrastructure enables payments in 18+ cryptocurrencies and services merchants worldwide, while Paytomat non-custodial wallets allow to store and transfer multiple coins and ERC20 and EOS tokens. Development of cross-chain token migration is important for the whole market and for Paytomat’s own roadmap — to unlock a bigger and quickly moving market and benefits for all stakeholders.

Aeron ecosystem retains full support for ARN ERC20 token. Integration of EOS token will be performed gradually in year 2019. It is expected that features of EOS blockchain (free transactions, scalability and low latency) would enable a significant boost to Aeron business model once fully deployed. In the meantime ARN EOS token is available for instant adoption by Aeron supporters to get a feeling of EOS ecosystem and its unique advantages.

We will inform Aeron community of the ongoing developments.

With Kind Regards,

Aeron Team