Aeron explains CryptoBonusMiles, a universal bonus miles platform with loyalty multi-wallet

Following the first anniversary of Aeron and having the Aeron (ARN) token listed on major exchanges, the team is now busy working on further development of its global aviation register with decentralized record system. The CryptoBonusMiles (CBM) platform has been announced to expand Aeron solution in the B2C market.

So far, 2018 has been a turbulent year for the blockchain based start-ups and the crypto market in general. Aeron is following its roadmap milestones, however in the past one year the project scope was limited to aviation professionals and general aviation enthusiasts.

Not anymore — Aeron opens up to bring benefit to anyone who flies, including passengers of commercial airlines. With Aeron-powered CryptoBonusMiles (CBM), a universal bonus miles (loyalty) aggregation platform to be deployed later this year — anyone can get crypto rewards and take participation in the major airline loyalty programs.

The project will allow to save on travelling even more, by adding CBM reward points to standard airline loyalty programs. CryptoBonusMiles will expand Aeron solution to the mass market for millions of people who have ever flown. It will be tightly integrated with Aeron, offering extra benefits for Aeron (ARN) token holders. CBM roadmap will be published shortly, with active development ongoing and Alpha version to be released this fall.

What’s wrong with today’s airline loyalty programs?

If you are a frequent flyer, you must be well aware of the challenge to keep up with all of the loyalty programs that are available to you. Unmanageable pile of cards in your wallet and various terms and conditions that you have to either constantly keep in mind, or frequently check with, can cause quite a frustration.

Needless to say, most frequent flyers are overloaded with this information and often miss the best deals offered by the airlines to keep customers loyal. Aeron aims to fix that by introducing CryptoBonusMiles (CBM), a blockchain-based loyalty program aggregator.

How Aeron adds value to frequent flyer programs with CryptoBonusMiles?

Aeron team aims to create an app that will store all of your airline loyalty cards in one place. You will also be able to discover the new airline loyalty programs, find the best offers, add new cards, track and manage your mile balances, and stay in control of your bonus miles — all within a single interface.

No more expired miles.

Your bonus miles expired because you didn’t fly with a particular airline within a certain period of time. Sounds familiar? This is projected to never happen again with CryptoBonusMiles. The app will help you find valuable offers to spend miles, get discounts on flights and hotel bookings, as well as get alerts of upcoming expirations well in time.

Crypto rewards.

Moreover, CryptoBonusMiles users will be rewarded with native CBM reward points, all recorded in blockchain. A user will get CBM points for all activities on the platform, which accrue together with airline bonus miles. These points will serve as extra rewards that flyers will be able to use on discounts for flight tickets or products at partner shops. With recording of rewards in blockchain to ensure records integrity, the app will be a handy place to store and track your bonus miles and reward points.

Offers for Aeron (ARN) token holders.

Aeron (ARN) token holders will be rewarded with special offers on CryptoBonusMiles platform, with specific reward schedules to be made public soon. More ARN tokens held by a user will qualify for the higher reward tier in CryptoBonusMiles.

Why Aeron decides to launch CryptoBonusMiles?

As a blockchain-based platform designed to boost aviation safety, Aeron targets pilots and aviation professionals. Development of a loyalty program for aviation professionals was one of the milestones in the Aeron roadmap (April 2019 — Aeron Membership program). However, the team decided to take a step further and expand the target audience of the platform.

This move is prompted by a growing recognition of Aeron: the project has gained a number of supporters and followers, and professional connections within the aviation industry. Given that, the team believes that introducing CryptoBonusMiles (CBM) for a broader audience has a great chance to boost success of Aeron and contribute to further growth of the platform.

The recent Aviation Festival event in London has enabled Aeron team to collect industry feedback on CryptoBonusMiles (CBM) initiative. Several improvements in platform features were defined, to seal the major airline partnerships. Some of the airlines have already expressed interest to integrate with CBM and participate in the early test deployment.

Aeron team will proceed to expand the partnerships later this month with AIR Convention 2018 in Vilnius Lithuania, the largest international commercial aviation conference. We look forward to the very productive event for Aeron and CryptoBonusMiles sub-project!

As of today, a preview to give you an early glimpse of CryptoBonusMiles is available at