Aeron in EOS ecosystem — all top EOS decentralized exchanges list ARN

Dear Supporters,

We are happy to share that Aeron (ARN) token for EOS blockchain has been listed on all top EOS decentralized exchanges (DEXs). Aeron entered EOS ecosystem in December with the launch of free cross-blockchain token swap at

Today, any ARN holder may swap ARN ERC20 tokens to ARN EOS tokens (and vice versa) and access the EOS ecosystem through the following leading EOS exchanges:








ARN EOS token can be stored and handled in the leading EOS mobile wallet — MEET.ONE.

We are glad to witness the speed of EOS adoption and hope that the pace will continue this year. At present we see the growing enthusiasm, as more Aeron supporters try EOS.

Aeron ecosystem retains full support for ARN ERC20 token. Integration of EOS token will be performed gradually in year 2019. It is expected that features of EOS blockchain (free transactions, scalability and low latency) would enable a significant boost to Aeron business model once fully deployed. In the meantime ARN EOS token is available for instant adoption by Aeron supporters to get a feeling of EOS ecosystem and its unique advantages.

See more details in the original announcement at

We will inform Aeron community of the ongoing developments.

With Kind Regards,

Aeron Team