Aeron roadmap extension for years 2019–2020

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The original Aeron roadmap was first published in year 2017. Blockchain applications in aviation industry barely existed at that time. It has taken months of brainstorming and collective intelligence of the team members and professional pilots to compile and propose the original roadmap, which addressed the real world problem — recording of pilot flight logs with immutable storage, support to flight schools and pilot students across the world.

That roadmap comes to its completion this year. We are proud that all milestones have been fulfilled as originally envisaged. Updates for each milestone completion have been announced in Aeron twitter and/or medium publications.

Apart from lobbying and business development efforts, which may have come unseen to general public, there are many deliverables which are presently free to use:

Aeron Pilot application (for iOS and Android, available for download as follows):

Application includes smartwatch companion applications, where applicable. Aeron Pilot application is unique in a sense of recording pilot flight logs data into Ethereum blockchain, for permanent and immutable storage. There are no other known logging applications with this feature available to private pilots or flight schools.

Aerotrips Pilot shop powered by Aeron:

Aeron (ARN) token is integrated as a payment method, including membership offers in the Global Flight Club where ARN token payment qualifies for a discount:

Multiple pilot supplies and merchandise are available for sale with automated ARN token payment processing and backend order processing implemented.

CryptoBonusMiles (CBM) and its additional benefits for ARN token holders:

CryptoBonusMiles platform offers additional benefits in exchange for staking ARN tokens. This method is being implemented in CryptoBonusMiles platform upon input and verification of the ARN holder’s wallet address at

Aeron (ARN) ERC20<->EOS token swap:

This experimental swap interface was built and enabled to test EOS blockchain features and consider its applicability for future implementation in Aeron Pilot applications, to ensure and maintain cost control over transactions:

Going forward, there are multiple new initiatives which will strengthen Aeron ecosystem further. To implement this vision, roadmap extension for years 2019–2020 is released.

April-June 2019 — Q2 2019

Aeron Membership program — done
Binance Chain ARN token migration
Token integration with CryptoBonusMiles

July-September 2019 — Q3 2019

Aeron Games launch
Application for Garmin pilot smartwatches

October-December 2019 — Q4 2019

Aircraft owner and Pilot module launch
Professional flight excursions at

January-March 2020 — Q1 2020

Aviation Authority portal launch
Light aircraft and aircraft kits marketplace

In the coming weeks, a detailed explanation for each future roadmap milestone will be published, to highlight their importance and public benefits. We strongly believe that Aeron has exciting times ahead, as blockchain technologies mature, more options and opportunities become available to Aeron users, developers and Aeron (ARN) token holders.

You may review the entire Aeron roadmap at

Project updates and announcements are posted at

We will further inform Aeron community of the ongoing developments.

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