Aeron takes a giant leap — moving to Binance Chain
May 4, 2019 · 2 min read
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Dear Subscriber,

We are very excited to announce that upon careful consideration of technology alternatives, Aeron has committed to migration of Aeron ecosystem to Binance Chain, developed and launched this spring by the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange Binance. In this process, the automated Aeron (ARN) token migration to Binance Chain will be enabled.

By migrating to Binance Chain, ARN token holders will experience the speed, security, transactional efficiency and other advantages of the new blockchain platform.

Aeron will launch the ARN token native to Binance Chain, which follows BEP2 standard defining token functionalities. Existing Ethereum-based ERC20 ARN tokens on will be migrated to BEP2 ARN tokens, tradable on both and Binance DEX, the new decentralized exchange recently launched on Binance Chain.

Binance customers who hold ARN on will have the token balances migrated without any manual action required. At that, Binance will support both ERC20 ARN and BEP2 ARN tokens in parallel without impact to trading and usage of Aeron tokens. Once the migration process is started (with a separate announcement), any user can deposit their ERC20 ARN tokens to and withdraw BEP2 ARN tokens at any time with automatic conversion. The total supply of Aeron tokens will not be affected.

Within the next few months, BEP2 ARN tokens will be enabled at the Pilot Shop powered by Aeron, EOS cross-blockchain swap interface and at other ARN applications. For the coming year, Aeron will maintain support for both versions of Aeron (ARN) token — both ERC20 and BEP2. Trading at other exchanges which recognize ERC20 token only, will not be disrupted.

As Binance Chain continues to develop and enable additional features, Aeron will follow these developments closely and will add features to BEP2 ARN token applications.

We are excited with this progression of our long term partnership with Binance, and looking forward to continued success and many new milestone achievements together.

We will further inform Aeron community of the ongoing developments.

With Kind Regards,

Aeron Team

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