Aviation Authority portal development — a roadmap milestone

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Aeron team has had an intensive interaction with aviation authorities in various jurisdictions, primarily in European Union. It was established that electronic flight logbook records are recognized but typically as a backup to paper records, maintained in legacy format. Paper printout (manually signed) is still deemed necessary for aviation administrations, as example for the purpose of license revalidation, and it can be easily produced through our application.

Pilot flight log format for EASA/FAA compliant blockchain log entries was proposed by Aeron team and published at GitHub. It was well accepted by the community and found complete:


At that, Aeron starts development of Aviation Authority portal, to balance privacy with permissioned access to flight log records. Workflows are being defined with the help of designated consultants; it is expected that a pilot will be able to submit the logs online, and an authorized officer at the aviation administration will view and process the records.

The Aviation Authority portal is expected to be launched by spring 2019 to enable the team to action upon March 2019 roadmap milestone — Business development EMEA: negotiation & deals with Authorities.

In the meantime, the Aeron Pilot applications are being updated to v1.5 with the new functionality to create and submit flight plans. This was suggested by the community as the major feature lacking at the moment, and implementation is under way. Furthermore, statistical summaries will be introduced, offering more insights into the pilot’s experience. Flight logs will be matched with appropriate flight plans created by the pilot in application.

You may review the complete Aeron roadmap at https://aeron.aero/#keydates

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We will further inform Aeron community of the ongoing developments.

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