Aviation has changed the world; it’s time for blockchain to change aviation.

Civil aviation carries passengers and delivers cargo to almost anywhere in the world. Availability of civil aviation is a key facilitator of economic growth.

Civil aviation connects the entire globe, providing much needed economic benefits both seen and unseen for consumers and businesses. Civil aviation has been a major force behind decreasing barriers to trade, aircraft industry is a unique engine for innovation and technological progress.

The aviation industry nowadays supports $2.7 trillion (3.5%) of the world’s gross domestic product.

Introduction of the mass aviation marked a turning point in the world’s progress. Air transportation connected different countries and continents like never before, enhancing diplomatic contacts, business, trade and tourism.

Upon its arrival the aviation was on the frontier, utilizing the most modern technologies of its time as well as inspiring the new ones; many inventions would not be here these days if it wasn’t for aircraft industry, aviation safety and comfort. For example, a significant progress was achieved in engine manufacturing due to the constant search for better, lighter, more powerful solutions for aircraft. Thorough studies of every air incident brought new safety protocols and inspired the invention of construction materials and many technologies that we now take for granted.

All that being said, like everything in the world, aviation isn’t perfect. Its fast expanding growth over the last 100 years not only shows how important aviation is for the modern world, but also brings certain ‘growing pains’. Due to global diversity there is still no unified solution to many of safety-related problems. This may put air travellers into unnecessary risk.

With over 100,000 flights made daily, serving over 2 million people, safety is still a major concern. Accidents related to air transport average to about 265 yearly, mainly due to human error. The significant concern is in pilot experience, as there were incidents where flight logs , recording progressive experience, could have been forged. Aircraft operators also contribute to the problem by often underreporting the operating history of the aircraft. Aside from human error there are also database intrusions.

Remember how aviation has changed the world and drove the technologies for all of us? Now it’s time to use the newest technology to change aviation! Of course we speak about blockchain here.

The advantages of the blockchain system are that information is stored safely, cannot be altered and the history of records is completely transparent to all the users. It is secured by a multi layer authentication system, preventing any alteration of data.

We at Aeron are developing a blockchain-based, accessible, secure and transparent database for all the flight and aircraft related information, pilot logs and other data. It has a potential to make a revolution in aviation management, not only solving some of the old system defects but also making air travel safer for every passenger.

Join us on the road to the better future! Read more about our project on the website and participate in the Aeron token sale that starts on September 11th.