Part 03. Blockchain in aviation — what is and how is it related to Aeron token?
Mar 28, 2018 · 3 min read
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In this issue of our publication, we continue series of articles on the applications of modern technologies, namely the blockchain technology, in the field of General aviation.

In the previous article, we explained issues that may occur with pilot log books and how can the blockchain solve them.

Here we would tell the story of Aerotrips web portal ( and its relation to Aeron token (as payment means for the ecosystem being created).

Our reader is undoubtedly familiar with Aeron (ARN) token, which is listed and available on a variety of cryptocurrency exchanges, including the world’s largest one (Binance, Bit-Z, Coinrail, HitBTC, KuCoin and others). Aeron is not only a token alone, there is an ecosystem behind it that we are developing. In the previous article, we spoke about our blockchain solution for recording flight logs and its contribution to the flight safety issues.

Ecosystem based on Aerotrips web portal is not only a bulletin board, as it offers an easy mechanism to assess the quality of featured services, including flight school offers curated by our team and offers posted by members of the community. In this article we will explain in more detail how the ecosystem is organised and why it contributes to the development of the General aviation market. is the central point of the ecosystem being created. We bring together relevant services in the diverse field of General aviation and offer convenient access on a unified platform. Aeron token is an instrument enabling this interaction. For example, with ARN the customers could pay commission for booking a sightseeing flight, a charter, or find companions for flight sharing. Pilots could rent an aircraft, or can undergo training to obtain a new qualification with flight schools listed on our web portal. Flight schools and other companies could order aircraft maintenance services, spare parts, establish cooperation with pilots, and rent out an aircraft. All these are possible within the framework of one system, in which certain payment transactions will be performed in ARN.

Such a unified ecosystem simplifies interaction among all participants of the General aviation market, makes it easier to establish business links, simplifies mutual settlements, which in turn improves the availability of services and grows turnover in the industry as a whole.

In addition, is not only a broker of services in the field of General aviation which facilitates interaction between market participants and customers. It also offers new custom built services that are not currently represented in the market, while in opinion of our team it has a great potential for development. We take example of inexpensive demo flights offered by flight schools and academies, which allow the client to have a superlative flight experience, looking at beautiful landscapes and also having a privilege to get a short flying lesson — demonstrating aircrafts in general.

There are also other interesting niches that can be developed efficiently, all based on the ecosystem we are creating. We shall reveal more details in the next article.

To summarize, we are building an online ecosystem in the field of General aviation, which solves one of the most important problems of flight safety, while provides more flexible interaction between the market participants creating favourable medium for development of the new aviation services.

In the next article of our series, we will offer a snapshot of the new business niches being explored, to be unveiled at Aerotrips later this year.

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