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Jun 29, 2018 · 4 min read

With some time since our previous Q&A session, Aeron team answers the questions received from Aeron community in official Telegram channel (https://t.me/aeronaero):

1. Why ARN token price has gone down recently?

We understand and share your feelings when you see the drop in price of many digital assets this month, including ARN which was hard hit. However we believe this only depends on the overall crypto market trend. Once the trend reverses, as happened in the past, all digital assets will benefit. In the meantime we keep working as usual, to develop Aeron and share our updates and announcements with the community.

2. When are the new partnerships coming? With whom?

We announce partnerships once the deals are in place and Aeron team can make it public. Following our twitter and other official channels, you may have seen a number of significant partnerships announced this year, examples as follows:

- Turkish Airlines Aviation Academy. More training courses to be featured at Aerotrips

- Avinode, the world’s largest online air charter marketplace. Integration ongoing

- Avcon Jet Aviation Training Center, affiliated with major business aviation company

- Alkan Air, the leading jet operator in Mediterranean, North Africa and GCC region

In related industries, Aeron partnered with WELL, a global telemedicine platform, and joined Assure Data to ensure continuous GDPR compliance.

We are in talks with the major European airline, however with Aeron being focused on general (private) aviation it takes time to define partnership framework. We will unveil the new direction, to bring Aeron in partnership with major commercial airlines later this year.

Aeron is a member of the leading aviation industry associations:

- NBAA — National Business Aviation Association,
the leading organisation for general aviation

- EBAA — European Business Aviation Association,
enabling responsible, sustainable growth for business aviation

For geographical focus, Aeron has engaged with aviation authorities of Cyprus, Bahrain and Nepal, and several other European countries, with presentations and rounds of talks.

As we move along the roadmap, more partnerships will be announced. Please follow Aeron!

3. Number of customers, schools and companies that are adopting the platform?

There are over 2000 flight schools featured at Aerotrips.com portal, with 100–150 schools being added or reviewed monthly. The Aeron Pilot applications released earlier this year have achieved thousands of installations and recorded over 5500 flight logs since launch of the applications. New versions will be released shortly, with more features to be activated.

Companies have a longer adoption cycle and we are in talks with several test deployments.

Once ARN token is enabled as a mode of payment at Aerotrips.com, we expect the number of transactions at the portal to increase manifold. Any private aviation enthusiast will be introduced to the cryptocurrencies and will have an opportunity to save with ARN.

4. What are that ETH giveaways advertised in your official twitter channel?

Please beware of scam. Be always diligent to check the twitter profile names, letter by letter. The only official Aeron twitter channel is @aeron_aero

We do not giveaway ETH. With many fake profiles on twitter, and phishing schemes launched by cloning the identity of popular projects, including Aeron, the only effective measure for your online safety is to ignore such scams and report to twitter administration.

Never disclose your personal information nor private keys, never send any ETH to someone claiming to be an Aeron team representative. We never contact anyone with such request.

5. Do you plan any new airdrops? What is the purpose of an airdrop?

We may launch airdrops in the future, with announcement in official channels. The purpose of airdrops is to make wider community familiar with ARN token, let it be discovered. An airdrop recipient might be interested to research more about ARN and get involved.

Alternatively a cross-airdrop brings new promising tokens to existing ARN token holders.

6. Why we see a complaint from community member not receiving an airdrop?

This may be related to someone having been scammed with a fake airdrop or fake giveaway, as discussed in section #4 above.

For an official airdrop, please check the rules carefully. There may be a certain qualification requirement to participate in an airdrop (as example, holding your tokens in a wallet outside of an exchange, to get included into the snapshot for subsequent airdrop distribution; or hold a certain minimal number of tokens). All past airdrops have been distributed in full.

7. Do you plan to list on the new exchanges? Which ones?

Aeron (ARN) token is listed and traded at more than 16 exchanges, including the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, Binance. Refer to this article for more details: https://medium.com/@aeronaero/arn-on-idax-and-exrates-and-14-other-exchanges-444d48bd970f

While we are in discussion with many other exchanges, especially exchanges with regional focus, we believe that ARN has already achieved good liquidity. Typically ARN ranks high in top 100 tokens globally by 24h trading volume, which confirms community interest.

Ranking by 24h trading volume can be seen at http://block.cc/coin/aeron

8. What have you done recently to make Aeron more popular?

While we always inform Aeron community of all developments, with announcement in official twitter at https://twitter.com/aeron_aero, there are many other public activities.

Aeron team takes part in the largest aviation shows and conferences, including the recent EBACE Geneva and Aviation Festival Asia. Many other events are scheduled for coming months, with face to face partnership negotiations and platform presentations.

To further expand the community and make Aeron known outside of the professional circles, we run PR campaigns, engage with journalists and sponsor publications in media.

9. Do you cooperate with PR agencies?

Yes. For any offers or promotion ideas, please reach out at info@aeron.aero


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