Do I have an insurance ?

As a platform, Aerondrone wants to offer you the best experience, as our service is currently working with an insurance company to design a tailored contract. We will offer you this service very soon.

You are living in France?
If you do not live in France, check if this works for you, in Europe many countries have this same rules.
One important thing to know is that in France we have an obligation to be insured. So, if you live in France, then you have insurance for your home, and necessarily the liability insurance, the Civil liability resulting from it. To notice, this insurance covers all members of a household.
Which means that if an issue occures, such as an accidental breakage, loss or theft of the loaned UAV, your insurance could cover the damages.
As explained previously, we really want to be here for you, and support you all along. This is why we have in our possession the right documents ready to use. For instance, the declaration forms that just need to be filled and send to your insurer.

EExample of procedure: Mr Maxime Dupont lent me his drone last weekend, unfortunately the worst happened and a bird attacked the drone, which ended by a crash. Am I insured? The liability covers the damages caused to a third part. With both parts statements (Mr Dupont Maxime and myself) detailing the situation, a procedure of compensation will be initiated. This procedure is done between both sides’ insurers.

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