There is a certain romance to owning a small business. When you build a company from scratch and tend to its every need, it can grow and flourish into a monumental accomplishment. But building a business is not as romantic as people imagine it to be. In fact, there are more chances that a small business will fail than will succeed. Yes, there is real joy in getting up in the morning and being your very own boss. But, there are a few real drawbacks to owning a small business and trying to keep it afloat. …

Although there have been new developments in the way we send and process payments, most day-to-day brick & mortar payments are still done through credit card processing. Recent mobile payment technologies such as Apple Pay and Samsung Pay provide security and convenience of paying with a mobile device, but ultimately do not provide a clear added benefit to small business merchants. These new methods use the same credit processing systems such as Visa and MasterCard, which is why so few merchants have embraced it. …

In 1967, the very first ATM was installed by Barclays in London. Over 50 years later, there are millions of the handy machines installed in convenient (and not so convenient) locations around the world — even in Antarctica. Even though the ATM is ubiquitous, it’s becoming obsolete as cash is becoming displaced by alternative purchasing options.

There are several reasons cash has lost some of its share in the transactional pie.

It’s the easiest type of currency to steal, is costly to transport (anyone know how much armored vehicles and security personnel cost?), has no ID management for the underbanked, and is nearly impossible to tax.

Cash is still being used, but continues to lose…

The AeroPay Team

AeroPay is a secure mobile payments app for small businesses. It’s as easy as cash without the fee of credit cards for local businesses.

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