This is genuinely not to be snarky, but how is this new?
Mario Corsetti

Thanks for your comment and no snark interpreted :) What’s new about our technique is how we deposit powder in a spatially selective manner and the speed with which we do it. As we’ve written in a related piece, we weren’t the first to recognize the value of spatially selective multi-powder deposition, but the preceding techniques deposited powder point-by-point. Ours is a more scalable and productive line-by-line technique.

With a fast multi-powder deposition, expensive materials like PEEK can be processed into parts with significantly less material waste than traditional SLS, since our technology allows one to place part material only where it’s needed in each layer of an additive build.

Were your art school colleagues using a powder bed system for printing their parts? If so we’d be really interested to learn about it because we are only aware of a handful of efforts to develop a multi-powder deposition system for additive manufacturing. Multi-material FFF/FDM has been around a while, and soluble support materials are common. But the technique is far too slow to be practical/cost-effective for industries that need to make parts on the orders of hundreds or thousands of units.