Why selective powder deposition can help ceramic 3D printing reach its full potential

Jul 31 · 9 min read
A broken SiC-Carbon brake disc from a high performance sports cars and a alumina replacement hip joint ball. Fracture of ceramic parts is often catastrophic, resulting in total disintegration
Typical parts as produced by stereolithography on a Lithoz Cerafab.
Printing with molten glass by extrusion in a kiln at MIT and melting sand using the power of the sun.
Example prints and the Aerosint setup. The cube is 5cm to one side, with a strut of 5mm, the bracket is 4.5cm to a side, with a height of 1cm. Both are made of glass. The gears and curved shape are made from aluminum oxide (kindly provided to us by Sasol).


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The first multimaterial powder bed 3D printing process enabling zero waste high performance polymers printing, some cool multi-metal applications and much more!

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