AERO Token: Moving the Sharing Economy to the Blockchain — Starting with Airspace

A blockchain-based sharing economy would reveal available supply (i.e. host availability) and demand data, while radically increasing consumer choice and host income opportunities.

AERO Token: Chain of Connectivity

“While centralized intermediaries can and certainly do provide material value to the sharing economy, serving as nothing more than digital gatekeepers, deliberately obfuscating supply and demand data, isn’t a component of their long-term value proposition.”

Sharing Economy on the Blockchain: A High-Impact, Real World use of the Blockchain and Crypto Tokens

Airspace is an Under-Utilized, Valuable and Ideal Asset for the Sharing Economy

A Blockchain-Based Sharing Economy will enable a Drone Superhighway

AERO Token: Enabling the Drone Superhighway Using the Blockchain