Wake up

The terminator was one of my favorite films growing up. I loved the idea of a bad ass robot ripping through police cars, annihilating everything that comes in his way with a leather jacket and a machine gun. A beautiful sight. But the film was more than just mindless violence. It asked the audience, could robots one day take over our world? Seemed like a far stretched question back in 1984 when the first Terminator was released, but it doesn’t seem so impossible today. Some people have started to accept that with the rate technological advances are being made, it may not be long till one of those advances may go rogue and out of our control. However, that might be taking it too literally. If you think about it, we may be turning into robots ourselves. We wake up, brush our teeth, go to our schools, colleges, jobs and carry out our day to day functions like a written program. Our environment plays an important role in programming us and its very difficult to break the cycle of repetition once you get comfortable with the way things are. That is what people desire though, don’t they? Everyone strives and works to find a job that pays well so they can live out their lives comfortably. Each person may have different goals and objectives, but the path to get there is quite similar.

Try to stop in the street for once, look at the people and the world around you, breathe the air in and think about the world you live in. Say hello to a stranger on the bus, you don’t have to follow your algorithm all the time. Let your curiosity and instinct function and listen to it. Its what differentiates you from a robot. Your randomness, your willingness to deviate from your goals for once and just give into your surrounding. Wake up from your slumber and try to be human every once in a while.