Today is a T-day for communities of Aerum and Signkeys! Any XRM and KEYS tokens put into staking will take part in Token Replacement program that will last from November 25th 2019 until March 29th 2020.

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For each XRM token participants will receive 2 XF tokens every day for 125 days. For each KEYS token staked participants will receive 4 XF tokens for next 125 days.

Only tokens staked in officially supported wallets (Signkey Pro, more will be announced) will take part in the program.

To participate in the Replacement Program, go to website, subscribe and download the SingKeys Pro wallet application for your Android or iOS device. Register and transfer your XRM or KEYS tokens to the wallet address you get when clicking on Wallet — KEYS/XRM — Receive. …

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An open letter to Aerum and Signkeys communities by Alex Randarevich, CEO of Aerum Technology Ltd.

Dear friends!

First, I wholeheartedly thank you for supporting our communities for over the year now, sailing with us the icy waters of Crypto Winter and the roller-coaster recovery of 2019. I appreciate your enthusiasm and belief. I can sincerely assure you it is not misplaced.

Second, I apologize for the spotty communications our team has been having with you over last months. …

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First of all I would like to wholeheartedly thank all our supporters for their patience, members of the community for their activity and valuable help in beta-testing of the new staking applications. Last but not least, I would like to thank our investors for their continued trust and support.

Before we dive into key points, let me give a little bit of context to the reader, to have a clearer understanding of the total structure.

ASR Cryptotechnology is a privately-held blockchain development company with its headquarters in Prague, Czech Republic. Being established in late 2017, ASR focused on implementing the vision of its founders to create a robust public secure performance-oriented smart contract platform to solve the need of real businesses entering the era of tokenization and moving some of their business processes onto a blockchain. …


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