Many libraries, archives, and museums rely on the Internet Archive to preserve their materials, but have often overlooked the role IA can play in improving access. Last year, the Internet Archive announced it would expose all of its image and book resources through the IIIF protocol, under the auspices of its new experimental arm, The move made more than 9.3 million images and millions of books available in an interoperable way. Here’s how to make the most use of that new capability.

Viewing IA Materials through IIIF

Every Internet Archive resource, whether a webpage, book, video, or image, has a unique identifier that bundles…

There has been a lot of excitement in the IIIF community recently surrounding the appearance of drag-and-drop icons in several major digital collection catalogues. If you visit the Yale Center for British Art, e-codices, the Digital Bodleian, and other major online catalogues, you’ll see this icon:

Just Drag and Drop

If you have an instance of Mirador running, you can drag and drop one of these icons directly into a blank workspace area to open them in the same environment. It works with images and manifests, whether they are image collections or books.

Drew Winget

Front-End Engineer at Stanford University Libraries

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