This song will keep you on your toes the whole way through.

About a year ago, I was surfing Youtube when I came across an anime video. As I watched it, what intrigued me more than the spiky-haired characters was the music. I was dying to know how to play so I could listen to it whenever I wished. I looked at the title of the piece: “Hikari: Kingdom Hearts, Part.1” . I searched for the scoresheets of the piece and found that they were much too advanced for me to play at that time.

the video game with hikari song.

Now, fast forward about ten months, or about 2 months ago. I have been playing the piano for about seven years. I have just finished mastering a song, and I am discussing what to play next with my piano teacher. I rack my brains, and suddenly, I remember that tune I heard 10 months before. I tell my teacher that I want to play Hikari. The next day, my mom and dad help me find a free scoresheet for Hikari, and as I plop the sheets onto my piano and look them over, I begin to feel excited. I play the first few notes, and they immediately remind me of the tune. I start to practice only with my right hand.

After two weeks of practicing with my right hand, I move to the left hand. The left hand notes are much more complicated than the right hand, and I am unable to even play them correctly because my hands are too small. I decide to invent my own left hand until I find a better solution to the problem. About a month later, I have made huge progress. I am finally able to play the whole song! I am so elated that whenever I practice the piano, I always practice Hikari for the majority of the time and I try to play it as much as possible. What I had thought impossible ten months before has now come true!

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