Slaves Meet The Flash

Once on a cold dark stormy, night, I was sailing on the S.S. Rosalina from Africa to America for the first time.

“I was the son of a chief Mohinder Khamisi my name was Tadla Chijindu. I was a kidnapped prince from Sizwe, the biggest kingdom in all of Africa. I still remember how they took me away from my family. They kidnapped me along with my little baby sister, Opeyemi Esther Annalise who was only one year old. Captain Marcelino the captain from the S.S. Rosalina never cared that were children of the chief. Captain Marcelino always treated me brutality.”

On the same night my little sister whom was very sick the past week was calling my name. She was telling me to tell her a very last bedtime story before she died because we both knew she wouldn’t last long. I wanted to tell her the bedtime story forever because I was to afraid to lose her. As I told her a bedtime story.

“Tadla” she said very weak
“I love you” she said weakly
“I love you too” I responded tearfully

I saw Captain Marcelino grab a white sack as his eyes narrowed down and his face turned red as a tomato. He wrapped my sister so quickly and very rough. He tied the ropes for her legs and arms real tight and got help from the sailors to throw her off board. I ran as fast as I could to say my final goodbye.

“Good Bye” I yelled

The sailors soon covered their hands on my mouth. The sailors rushed and tackled me to stay back. They tied my legs really tight as hard as they could and hanged me off my legs so that my head is two feet off the ground. They started to flog me really hard. I felt lot’s of the blood from my back flowing down my body dripping like rain. They later put me down the deck with the rest of the slaves. Some of the slaves recognized me because they knew I was the prince of Sizwe and that my sister was the little princess of Sizwe.

“Every time you were alone, we had wished for your freedom we watched how the sailors and the captain treated you we promised you we will give you your freedom” Stated the slaves from my village.

One night, I saw a mysterious blue portal coming from the sky suddenly I saw this red blur coming out of the portal. I felt the airwaves coming towards me and the other slaves too. I smelled an aroma I never smelled before on the ship, a smell so weird because rich people only wore it. I saw him with another human wearing dark goggles. As soon as the red blur and his friend came right in front of me, I heard the Portuguese sailors coming down the deck. He and his friend hid somewhere dark so they could not be seen. After the sailors left. The red blur introduced himself.

“My name is Barry Allen and I am the fastest man alive. My loved ones know me as a superhero The Flash”
“I got here on accident by trying to get to Earth 19.” stated The Flash as he walked towards me

His other friend introduced himself.

“My name is Cisco Ramon I am ‘Vibe’ I sometimes fight crime but only when Berry needs help. I mostly stay with team flash at the S.T.A.R labs headquarters to help Berry fight stronger and find the super villain’s weaknesses to defeat them. We accidentally got here because we were testing my new powers to get to Earth 19.” said Cisco as he walked behind Berry
“Yup that didn’t work so well” stated Berry standing next to Cisco.
“Hey I least I tried bring us to earth 19” uttered Cisco behind Berry.

As they walked up the deck they saw this other yellow blur coming from another blue portal that The Flash and Vibe came from. Berry got Cisco and quickly started to flee without the yellow blur noticing. The yellow blur started zooming around the ship looking for something.

The yellow blur came up to us

“Have you seen a Berry Allen with a scarlet suit that can run at the speed of light and a sidekick with a red and yellow suit that can shoot vibes from his hands” Stated the yellow blur

He then introduced himself

“My name is Eobard Thawne my foes know me as Reverse Flash, you can call me Reverse Flash.
“I am here to destroy him” he stated
“Why do you want to destroy him” I asked
“I want to destroy him because he is the key to bring me back to my timeline” uttered Reverse Flash
“ You should not destroy him because he is a nice guy” I yelled to him
Suddenly he got his hands on my neck and started to choke me.
“So you have seen him EHHH” he yelled
“Every loved one of his I will destroy too” He yelled
“But why you want to destroy him what has he done to you” I repeated weakly

As he choked me he grabbed me real tight by my neck. The slaves that were with me started to attack him but Reverse Flash started to vibrate his through there hearts. He started to run really fast as I only saw other ships, sea animals flying and jumping all over the place, and the sky in a blur.

I was wondering how they could run on water without them sinking. Was it magic? Was it because how fast they ran, each step they might take was so fast that there weight was so light like an ounce and the water could make it float. All of a sudden I saw The Flash catching up to Reverse Flash from his back. Reverse Flash then quickly turn sideways to keep track of The Flash so He wouldn’t attack him.

“Leave him alone this a fight between us leave the poor innocent man alone he never had done anything to you.” yelled the flash as ran on water
“I will destroy him just how you destroyed my life” yelled reverse flash as he also ran on water
“Ok then let’s fight To the death” uttered reverse flash while running on water

Suddenly unexpectedly Vibe vibed himself in front of Reverse Flash and socked him in the face leaving him unconscious. I was going down the sea because I didn’t know how to swim I was drowning. I didn’t know what to do. I hold my breath and waited for someone to rescue me I couldn’t hold my breath that long the only thing I saw was The Flash and Vibe fighting against The Reverse Flash. I thought to myself if this was going to be my last day living on earth meeting some extraordinary superheros fighting against a vicious super villain and me the prince of Sizwe drowning with all the pain in my life me getting kidnapped taking my family apart, the death of my sister. Suddenly I didn’t see Vibe up there fighting anymore he vibed himself next to me to rescue me. He soon brought me to the ship. Vibe soon left to rejoin the battle. Captain Marcelino soon started to flog me. But as soon as Captain Marcelino was about to flog me for the twelfth time The flash and Vibe knocked out the sailor.

“Break free” I yelled

The flash broke couple of doors too free the last slaves that were locked up under the deck. The slaves started to break a fight with the sailors. I saw many sailors shooting at the slaves as they falled down to the ground. It sounded like those lions that are always running pass by at my kingdom. Blood was all over the place. It looked like wine that the drunk sailors dropped because they would always fight with each other every time. Babies crying like if they just dropped their gold coins on the floor. I saw Flash running and zooming all over the place to take down the sailors but he was to weak because he just had fought with Reverse Flash. He wasted lots of energy. He lasted a few minutes taking down

the sailors. He also took away all of the sailors weapons so that they can be equal like the slaves ‘weaponless’ the fight was evening up. Vibe can’t vibe no more because he can’t use his powers too much. I was fighting against Captain Marcelino. He was drunk. It gave me more chances of winning the fight against him.

“This is for my sister” I said furiously as I was punching him in the face
“I’m very sorry for your loss” he said chuckling
“Why didn’t you let me say my final goodbye to my sister” I said as I started to cry
“Because I wanted the royal” He said as he start to laugh out loud
“I told him you will pay for her death” I screamed

I grabbed a half five foot broken stick that broke from the old sails. I stabbed him in the chest. I stabbed with all my strength and fury till I saw his heart come out at the other end.

After the great battle for our freedom. I got helped from flash sailing the boat back to Africa. We arrived at the west coast of Africa. Mostly all of the slaves were from Congo. The rest of us had to go to Sizwe walking. I was the first one to talk with 2 humans that saved our lives from getting sold that came from a blue portal.

“Thanks for saving life back there” I said proudly
“ No problem. That is what us superhero do. Save lives and protect people” He said confidently
“ So this will our good bye” said cisco anxiously
“ Yup this will be our final goodbye” said flash
“ I guess this will be our final goodbye” I said

As we said our final goodbye. We hugged each other full with love. Flash and Vibe’s eyes started to get watery. My eyes got watery too. My Tears fell down like the rain from the rainstorms from the seas. Vibe Vibed themselves back to their timeline with reverse flash dead body. I never saw the flash and vibe or any super villain ever again.

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