This could change everything — for good.

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Voilà, just like that

Traffic is gone.

Gas is affordable.

Debt collectors have empathy.

Kids are at home with their families.

Parents are at home spending time with, and educating their children.

Fast food has been replaced by home cooked meals.

Hectic schedules have been replaced by naps, rest, and relaxation.

People care about their neighbors, their community, and even ‘strangers’.

We’re conscious about hygiene and health, and the health of others.

Doctors and nurses are being praised and recognized more than athletes and celebrities.

The air is much cleaner.

The world quieter.

Counter to what we’ve all been taught, money doesn’t seem to…

How our Fluent Design System focuses innovation on evolving principles and real-world customer needs

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Purpose and process

This month, we’ve launched an update to our Fluent Design System website. The update represents our approach to helping our designers and developers build and design products for our customers. Fluent Design is a collective, open design system that ensures people, teams, and their products have the fundamental components and processes to build coherent experiences across platforms.

Earlier this year, I wrote about how we’re evolving the Fluent Design System to be “more than a set of outcomes” and how we use it to collectively design…

Reflections on our design history, the progression, and the potential of how we collectively design for the future

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The idea of establishing a design system at Microsoft started a decade ago when several product teams merged and a handful of design pioneers started working together. Their work gave rise to our first shared design language — a bold achievement given that design was in its infancy at Microsoft and the company’s success at that time was built on a myriad of siloed products.

These early efforts toward a shared design language built a better creative environment and fostered stronger partnerships between teams.

The Fluent Design System continues this work. Fluent is evolving to be more than a set…

Joseph McLaughlin

Partner Director of Design, ECD at Microsoft, Experiences + Devices Group — Microsoft Fluent Design System. Opinions expressed here are my own.

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