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Peek-a Boo. You can’t see me, but I’m there.

The Recovery Chronicles #3

July 28, 1977 was hot and humid in Quincy, IL. The stench of the Mississippi River was thick in the air. The town was quiet, deadened by the oppressive heat. And two teenagers, in their ramshackle mobile home sitting atop cinder blocks on a dirt lane in a trailer park on the edge of town, were ready to bring me into the world.

And your boy, AE, was ready to arrive.

Though Mom and Dad were happy to add me to their little social experiment, they were also nervous. How could they not be? They were teenagers after all, one girl with no diploma and a belly about to burst and one boy with no prospects and a “dead end job” at a tire shop. Society looked at them through eyes filled with suspicion, pity, and concern. They both knew what the math said about their “likelihood for success” as parents, as a family. …


AE Stueve

AE Stueve teaches and writes in Omaha, NE. Check out all of his available work at aestueve.com

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