My Neighbor Committed Suicide In My Backyard

Anytime someone starts with “Did you hear about _______” and that blank is filled with a name, I always assume the worse. They’re dead. Most of the time this isn’t the case, and others it unfortunately is.

I got that text yesterday afternoon. I immediately assumed the worst and I was right. But the story gets worse. The next door neighbor was the dad of a family I grew up with and have known for years, was dead, but he committed suicide…right in my backyard.

I lived, and my family still lives, in a nice country club neighborhood in a small town in North Carolina…where there is too much gossip I might add. My neighbors were always really nice people, even during my rude years as a teenager, they were always very friendly. I, now a 23 year old women who just goes home to visit during holidays and special occasions, will be going back tonight to attend a funeral. To face a family that has to experience this tragedy, to see people I haven't seen in years, and to constantly wonder what pushed him to that point. That is all I will be doing tonight. I will not be celebrating the launch of my company like I planned, but I will be doing this.

I have been thinking about it lately. Today I launched a company, a girl I grew up with just had a baby, and a family I grew up with just lost a father and husband. These things have all occurred within 3 days. It’s just so crazy that within a 10 mile radius, these are the stories of the people. This is how different life is for only 3 people on August 6, 2015.

I just still can’t believe that I can say, “I know someone who committed suicide”. How many people can say that? I mean you hear about sucicide cases and it’s sad but doesn't really phase you unless you know the person. I would have never of thought someone I knew could do this and I hope to never know what pushes someone to this point…but that has to really be a low point. I doubt that point and decision to take action happens in a matter of days, I would assume months at least. To leave everything on this earth behind and end your pain through another form of pain is a big decision. His kids are no older than 7th grade. Now they will have to live the rest of their life without a dad, they haven’t really even experienced life in the first place, but I guarantee this just changed the outcome of their life forever.

No one saw this coming. My dad may have even been the last person to speak to him before he shot himself in the woods behind our houses. Other family members of mine spoke to him that day as well and said nothing was out of the ordinary.

Have we come to a point in society where we have just gotten so good at hiding our true selves? Or are we all just going through the daily motions of life and not really paying attention to what is happening around us?

In either case this has been an eye opener for me. I not only had to bear this tragic news this week, but also, I have also been learning about modern day slavery. Which is a HUGE issue that no one talks about. This is even happening right now in the United States. In other news, the daily issues I deal with at work and in my career is how we can get more money to pay an influencer for a blog about a brand. I love marketing but their are some more serious issues at hand than greedy bloggers. Let’s be honest, are we as a society really addressing real problems and issues everyday?