Launching Next Month

Project Aeterna
2 min readMar 17, 2022


Aeterna is defining the next wave of DeFi with its revolutionary Aeterna Automated Eco-System.

A decentralized protocol with built-in Auto-Staking, Auto-Compounding, and Auto-Generating features that grow interest on your investment while you sleep.

All you need to do is Invest -> Hold To AutoStake -> Earn Passively, and then watch your savings grow while you experience added value throughout the life of your investment in a variety of ways under the Aeterna umbrella.

The Aeterna Automated Eco-System (AAES) delivers some of the industry’s highest fixed APY, an automated positive rebase feature to provide rewards every 20 minutes, and a hands-off, buy-hold-earn system that grows your portfolio without any effort on your part, quick and easy.

— — — Private Sale Info — — —

An Auto-Compounding APY income generator, spun off recent successful projects like Titano and Safuu, Aeterna will be a streamlined automated eco-system built to grow and define this new web 3.0 era.

There are things that these projects do that work very well and serve a great function, while other things we feel we can refine and build upon to create more innovation and progress in the space.

This is being built out to be the native token of a full eco-system that we envision.

Our private investors can expect a short PowerPoint presentation detailing our tokenomics / team structure within the coming days.

Private sale is going to be 150–200 bnb cap with 5 bnb max contribution , pre sale will be a 2000 bnb cap.

While this may seem like a large cap when looking at the numbers, a project like this needs to secure enough funding to create a healthy starting Liquidity Pool (LP), to protect the interests of our investors and the long-term growth of our eco-system.

For example, the project Safuu had a 8000 BNB HardCap which they were able to fill.
We have studied the marketing strategy they employed and will deploy a similar early strategy which will allow us to fulfill our 2000 BNB HardCap.