— In This World Of Ours

We at Aether Labs are to excited to announce the release of Aether. In this world of ours we aim to create a blockchain based community like no other.

The Aether Platform

Aether is a virtual city powered by the Ethereum blockchain. The city is shaped by properties stored on the blockchain. Those with ownership of these properties have control over the content and are free to create unique experiences unlike anything in existence. To make this all possible, Aether uses blockchain technology as an unforgeable record of ownership. Our goal is to be the worldʼs largest blockchain based community.

This is a platform for personal spaces, communities, shopping, and business where anybody can own a property. Aether is a network of these properties that are connected through a visualized environment to allow for discoverability. The platform is defined in a smart contract powered by the Ethereum blockchain. Aether property tokens are ERC721 tokens that define ownership in the Aether universe. These tokens are virtual properties with an open source addresses. The register of properties and accounting functions are written to the blockchain, ensuring ownership security. Property may be transferred or auctioned to other users through the contract.

Getting Started

You’ll find access to this immersive and interactive world from the familiarity of your web browser. Simply visit us a

Website Homepage

We wanted to make participation as easy as possible, so we made sure that anyone can take ownership of a property without making a large investment. Simply select a building on the world view and click Construct on the detail view. You will need to have MetaMask installed in order to make a transaction. Once created, this property is registered to your address. It is now your unique piece of the world to customize. Please make yourself at home!

Website Aether Interface
A building dedicated to CryptoKitties


See our original article for more details:

Property Ownership

The Aether platform is based on property ownership. Aether city consists of a finite amount of property placed over a maximum of 100 x 100 units of space that can be found under 3 different classes: districts, buildings and units. Users can fill any property with applications, collectables, multimedia, and much more.


A unit is the smallest unit of property ownership in Aether. It is a property that is defined by its coordinates occupying an area of 10 m³. A unit is a part of a building and is adjacent to neighboring units. The owner of a unit determines its appearance, fills it with content, and has the ability to connect the unit to its own domain.

A single unit in Aether City.


A building is a property that is defined by its coordinates and size. The first unit level is managed by the building owner. A building’s space is also occupied by a number of units. A building’s height expands with the progression factor in Aether. The maximum number of units that a building can home is defined by the building’s space and height and therefore grows as the world progresses to equilibrium. A building can have an exclusive owner, who creates the basic design of the building and has the ability to connect the building to its own domain.

A single building in Aether City.

Next Steps

The Aether Core contract serves as a record of ownership and is the basis for future world development. It is by this nature that every property created is grandfathered into future iterations of Aether City. We have exciting plans for the Aether ecosystem, and will continue to develop on and off-chain systems to allow for this experience to drive Ethereum adoption. Gamification has been a key theme for Ethereum in 2018. We’re looking for ways we can improve on existing half-baked projects and ultimately create a fair platform and community for everyone.

Our next steps include supporting community growth and integrating various ways people can customize their properties. We are also excited to say that we are working on VR solutions to allow full immersion into this brave new world.

Community Bounty

In the end, Aether City is built upon a community of users. We have designed a program to award community members who drive adoption through various channels. Let us know what you did! As a thank you from us, users will receive contributor units, and building properties. Furthermore, every participant in the bounty program will be on the mailing list to receive instant email updates when we release new countries to the marketplace.

How to enter?

We are giving you a choice to promote Aether on your preferred platform. Do as much as you please and send us a screenshot of your effort. Our team will rank your efforts, and the contributions are judged on the amount of energy and effect of those efforts.

Drop us an email with your contributions to together with your Ethereum wallet address to join the bounty program. To increase your chances, we urge you to put all your sharing efforts into one email to quickly judge the effort and effect.

What are you waiting for?

Building a decentralized city of the future is no easy task but our team at Aether Labs is excited for the challenge ahead. Visit us at to register for email updates.