Note: this is the second part of a series on moderation in online and decentralised communities. Previous part(s) here: I

Last week (shh, yes last week) we were talking about how the only long-term viable mode of operation for an online community of sufficient size is one that of a sovereign state where the users are citizens who consent to the actions of that state. This meant citizens withholding consent without being kicked out would be able to control how the platform works. …

Controlling what people can and can’t see is an act of governance, and legitimate governance requires user control over it.

In our biweekly series, we try to reveal some of the thinking behind Aether, what is beyond the immediate mechanics of the machinery that is the source code. The code is half of the deal, and it’s on Github, it’s the how. This blog is the other half: where we make an argument for the why.

Today, the argument I’d like to make relates to one of the two core tenets of Aether; moderation. Moderation is not just the control…


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