A short horror story, about your childhood.


Aetheric Games, a small indie dev based in Edinburgh, UK


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Steam — 24th October 2017 — 4th August 2017

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Unreal Engine 4


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Quick description

Bonbon is a short horror story, about your childhood.

Even if you weren’t a small child in the UK in the mid-1980s, you’ve been here before. Just you and your friendly toys. But this new friend… this is something you are not yet able to understand.


Longer description

Bonbon is a first-person domestic horror narrative, made in Unreal Engine 4, in which you navigate childhood events beyond your capacity to understand, and without parental context.

Progression requires the completion of some simple tasks, but it is mostly about experiencing the objects and events around you. As your parents increasingly demonstrate their absence, you spend time with Bonbon, a large, overbearing and ambiguous visitor, whose presence prompts some nightmarish vignettes.

With a twist at the end and a couple of jumpy moments, the focus is on building dread based around your vulnerability and confusion as an infant, partly by approximating a child’s point of view and understanding, but also by using familiar toys and decor to evoke childhood memories in certain demographics, particularly thirty-somethings. The protagonist is intended to be non-gendered.

  • Made with Unreal Engine 4
  • Voice acted, including dialogue and a bedtime story!
  • Includes familiar toys, both new to 80s kids and 70s hand-me-downs
  • Play with mouse and keyboard, or a 360-style gamepad
  • Play time is around 20 to 40 minutes, depending on your play-style, and the regular price is set to reflect it’s brevity
  • The original version of Bonbon did not allow you to move around whilst carrying physics objects. Due to popular demand, the latest version now has this feature added.

What people are writing about Bonbon

Adam Smith, Rock Paper Shotgun
“a short, smart tale of domestic horror”
“Bonbon’s home, and the voice of mummy shouting from indoors, is authentic”
“the confusion between what is real and what isn’t, and what is threatening and what is malign, rings true”
“a house of horrors that hit far closer to home than most”
Matt Wales, Kotaku
“it’s ambitious, it’s often fascinating, and there are elements that linger long after it’s over”
“there’s a lot to admire and appreciate here — from the thread of an entirely different story … to the clarity of vision and the authentic, evocative period atmosphere”
“there’s certainly enough craft and creativity here, and a lingering strangeness to this everyday terror, that makes Bonbon worth the £1.50 and 20 minutes of your time
Joel Goodwin, Electron Dance
“I just wanted to get away but the game wouldn’t let me.”
“It shows plenty more restraint than what most videogames mean by ‘horror’ but there’s one scene in particular which is a terrifying joy.”
“[The dinner table] sequence is all sorts of holy sh*t dreadful.”


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About Aetheric Games


Aetheric Games is a small indie dev based in Edinburgh, UK.


Aetheric Games is a small indie dev based in Edinburgh, UK. It usually just consists of MrBehemoth, doing design, art, writing and code.

Due to other responsibilities, Aetheric Games only exists late at night and on holidays. MrBehemoth also does some of the voices along with his other half.

After creating a bunch of free games on, as well as a couple of Amnesia mods way back, Bonbon is the first commercial Aetheric Games title.

MrBehemoth’s secret day time identity is Nick Bell, a college lecturer teaching digital media, coding and game dev.


You have permission to record, stream and share video and images captured from Bonbon, provided they are unaltered and duly cited.

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