Three steps to fail your tech recruiting

Failing in your recruitment of developers is pretty straightforward. It only takes three simple fallacies.

Here’s the full list: three mindsets about tech recruiting that are all too common but (fortunately!) wrong.

1. “I can’t find any good ones”

There is in fact plenty of tech talent out there. But they may not always be easy to find. Don’t fret about the perceived lack of talent, go out and find it.

2. “I find them but they don’t want to work for me.”

Sympathetic as it seems, if your candidates choose to go somewhere else you have to ask yourself why. What is it in your pitch to your candidates that doesn’t work?

Because yes it is a pitch.

3. “I have these great candidates here but they’re just asking for too much!”

In the current job market for developers it is indeed likely they’re asking for “much”, in relation to roles of similar seniority in other departments. But it’s unlikely that what they’re asking for is “too much”, in relation to their other options and how hard it was for you to get to this point.

Come on, you survived step one and two above and you have this great tech candidate in front of you who wants to work for you.

Just hire them.

What other tech recruiting fallacies have you encountered? Let us know in the comments or tweet us at Aevy.

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