Planning, Change Management, and Consistent Support, Drive Successful Financial Systems Migration for Government Agencies

3 min readMar 30, 2023

By Patrick Sweeney, Vice President, Financial Systems Integration

The DoD’s annual financial audit is always an enormous undertaking. That’s not a surprise given the agency stands alone in its size (2.9 million people) and the breadth and value of its assets (more than 643,900 assets valued at $3.5 trillion located on over 4,860 sites worldwide and $3.7 trillion in liabilities).

The agency did take positive steps in 2022 toward the goal of a ‘clean audit.’ However, the biggest challenge the DOD faces is one that many FedCiv agencies are forced to deal with as well: legacy financial management (FM) systems currently in place are inherently difficult to audit and trace financial data across countless disparate systems. Yet, due to the time investment and costs that come with migrating to a new system, agencies have continually relied on their older systems rather than migrating to new ones.

Aeyon helps agencies successfully execute these financial management (FM) system migrations by leveraging our seasoned SMEs that possess both legacy and modern ERP experience for businesses and financial systems. Our team brings best practices from previous migrations that are invaluable to an agency looking to save time and financial resources.

We currently provide FM support to several federal agencies, including the Government Services Administration, the Department of the Navy and NASA. Aeyon conducts full system audits to deliver tangible results. For example, during the Marine Corps migration from their legacy financial system to a modern ERP, we identified and developed 45 automated business processes. We analyzed emerging interface requirements for 16 distinct systems and submitted 14 for development functional interface documents. We also provided ERP system step-by-step Computer Based Training (CBT) modules, tutorials, System Process Documentation (SPDs) and how-to guides for USMC-specific Oracle Time & Labor (OTL) and full financial scenarios for 29,000 USMC end-users.

With our financial stewardship team, government agencies can reap the many benefits of modern financial management systems, including a more proficient workforce, accurate financial data, and reliable and timely reports. Our employees — 42% of which are veterans — possess the technical, functional and career expertise to help federal agencies implement these new systems.

The Keys To A Successful Migration

Aeyon’s approach to a successful financial system migration includes three key components.

  1. Planning. When designing and implementing new financial systems, there are several legal and regulatory controls required to ensure the system is able to succeed. Agencies must identify the required system interfaces, reporting capabilities, and employee responsibilities. Doing so provides a solid foundation for Aeyon to build a system that improves efficiencies, reduces costs, and enhances worker productivity.
  2. Post Implementation Change Management. A newly integrated system is followed by a transition period. For agencies to get the most out of their new technology, their employees need to understand how it operates. Ongoing support and training can facilitate the proper use of a new system and shorten the learning period for employees.
  3. Continuous system evaluation. There is a need to provide ongoing employee training and support so that agencies can successfully leverage new systems for the long term. But it’s not just the agency employees that need to be monitored. The new systems also need to be consistently checked on. This includes scheduling performance evaluations for the system, making technical improvements when needed, identifying areas for improvement, and incorporating policy and procedural updates. It’s a vital portion of the post-implementation period that will help optimize the system to deliver the critical results needed as agencies undergo future audits.

The End Result: Audit Readiness and Sustainment

Through those three steps, Aeyon delivers precise audit readiness for agencies. When working with federal customers, we aim to fully transform the respective agency’s audit preparation with these new financial systems. Our goal is not just to enable an agency to conduct one clean audit, but rather to drive ongoing successful audits due to sustained support, training, and process improvement.

To learn more about how we can help you transition away from legacy systems that are inherently difficult to audit and into a system that offers consistent results, visit our website and get in touch.