How I analyzed a million Medium articles to learn how many claps great stories get
Harrison Jansma

Hi Harrison, I found your article very interesting. Thank you so much for writing this!

You know, I’m pretty new here on Medium, and articles like this made me obsessed about it! I’m about to start writing my first article. Many of the topics I’m interested in writing are listed in your analysis as top 1%. I’m curious to test this data out, and was wondering if I write articles about “self-improvement” and “life-lessons” I would be able to get more than 2k claps (I really liked this metric). Another thing, by any chance would you share your data or teach me how the heck I can learn how to do it? :D

By the way, my is Amadeu, I know you didn’t ask me, but since I want to be part of experimenting your conclusions, I’d like to brief you about what I’ll be writing (remember top 1%?):

  • I’m 32, born and raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and currently living in Canada
  • Going through a career-change for the second time (Law – Finance – UX Design)
  • I’m passionate about music (guitar player for almost 20 years) and photography
  • I have my own method for learning anything (I started coding when I was 12)
  • Passionate about philosophy, especially stoicism. The obstacle is the way, of Ryan Holiday totally changed the way I see the world

I’m fascinated about the idea of writing about different topics to show that we are the story we tell people. Reading every day was a game changer for me. Medium helped me to reach out to words when I just felt a big void inside. I can’t even describe everything, but overall, I want to write about “self-improvement” and “life-lessons”.

Hope to hear back from you! And thanks for reading this, you’re my first reader here :)