Confessions and unsent letters (1)

I was never insane, until my eyes dived into a gaze, they never recovered from.

Until I went down stairs to come accross you, then I understood, few minutes make or break a destiny.

Until we shared painful stories, and silent moments letting rain drops sounds so loud..

So we promised in silence, we’re going to make December feels like summer !

We had nothing to prove, nothing to loose, but few more nights to beat fear, step in eyes closed, and dance with the stars.

Sweet devil, were you once an angel ?

Late talks, and mornings whispers, got me sink into deeper oceans,

But you were so good to me, while I was holding uncertainty so close you had to fight to be IN,

Then that foggy night on the roof, you asked me why have I let you IN?

I smiled… Why wouldn’t I?

You were a curse I wish I have dragged into my life anytime earlier.

Because you will leave me with shatters of memories, few bad habits, questions I never asked, answers you never gave..and I will smile not knowing why, my eyes will tear up, my heart will hurt and I will want to freeze time, break gravity, fly to eternity, and lock you there.

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