Have you ever felt butterflies playing around your stomach ? tiny creatures lifting you off the ground ? taking you visit places you’ve never been to before ?

The luckiest ones did and the truth is the feeling itself is a MUST to feel. Today I recognize the cursed blessing I got to live once, wasn’t much than a fascinating mirage.

January, lovely cold night, nice music.

The smoke of the half smoked cigarette got to mix to the delightful fragarnace he was wearing and managed to sneak slowly to my senses, before I knew, I wore a stupid half smile.

It was nothing he said nor he did, all my memory can serves is: He was closer than anyone ever been in such a short notice, we shared silence like we were the only two human beings left in the planet, and our hands were barely touching…

I looked at him, and a little tickle traveled up my stomach. . Yes, butterflies ! I returned my face away before he could see that half smile, I wore all of the sudden, and my angels whisepered: He is the one.

That night, I don’t remember the steps we walked, nor the ride we had. My angels were singing and my inner voice was shut.

Weeks later I knew my angels were demons and my inner voice kept silent to not chase my butterflies.

And they died anyway…