Medium Debut

inktangle 2016 [cpyright]

First letter of the Tamil alphabet to commemorate my first post on Medium!

Medium has been an exciting discovery for me. I had stumbled across this platform while in pursuit for something else and happened to be upon an article in this base. I was impressed then and there, my focus from the article that brought me here and I began to explore the mind and workings of this place. It intrigued me as a more sophisticated version of personal logs, an intersection between formal article base and a personal blogging site.

I instantly created an account, etched my name on an empty space and have been calling it mine for over a month now. And since then I have toiled over what to write here, or rather what could my first article be. After a series of procrastination and hoping for epiphanies I am here to tell the tale of how I failed to find just that. And that, in all its glory has become my first story in Medium.

I named it Kaleidoscope for it to be a means to display my perspective on all that appears rudimentary.

This is my Kaleidoscope. A myriad of intricate epiphanies.
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