And all that

Another gloomy night on Sunday while reading Ham on Rye by Charles Bukowsi, and another glass of Sailor Jerry rum in the table, when after 1 hour of reading I decided to leave the stalls.

We went to the wilderness, we want to feel the late night wind. 10pm traffic with a single purpose for tonight, nothing more than running away back and forth from empty room and busy place.

A few moments later we are there, people already busy and all that, what a night! I like to think that by nature people just want to escape from themselves, but they don’t have the courage to just sit there and make a peace with themselves, but hey, we all do. None of us can bear a single mind of misery.

2 hours just past, and then there is someone that catches my eyes, someone that is look so goddamn mysterious and all that. It’s like no way that she’s here, but that’s making it even more cooler. I see her and then she caught me, and then I look back and I ignore it.

She sat there right next to me, when I pushed the luck to say something, so we can talk to her, get to know her, and get to know us.

She live in the same world with me, you can tell that she knows her shit, she’s not one of the girl that never know what she wants in life. But for her, she knew what she want and then she work for it, catching dreams and all that.

The night turns out to be more interesting and full of excitement, she’s wearing this white t-shirt and all that, very simple. She talked to me like we know each other before, and it’s so cute that she’s tryinh to look intelligence and all that.

She can do anything bad I guess, and that’s all I need, but I never see her again after that.