Muslims Are Out There: I wanted to believe, but after 20 years of being a fan The X-Files falls…
Rim-Sarah Alouane

Sad really, that a show that I watched since it first aired went #Islam phobia on me….on #Muslims, #American Muslims. Surprising, before and after the #Texas #falseflag, many #Christian Male Evangelist followers were shooting schools, churches, theaters, planned Parenthood centers and recently #Kalamazoo, Michigan just had another one…he went on a “drive a Taxi shooting rampage.” Why don’t you make an episode about the white shooters …the neo #Nazis we are seeing NOW. Why don’t you seek how a possible president (#Trump) is the new leader of the #KKK in a #Saudi suit, #Chinese tie, and an immigrant wife is bringing out the white supermacists? I guess a #Zionist shekel with a ready racist, bigot script is better than actually in believing there is more to the story than we want to tell the public.

Question: #Texas shooters never made it to the building, they were stopped in the parking lot, didn’t the police have dashcams? Was there no cameras outside in the parking area and when did the police who would have been the ONLY to have contact with the terrorist to hear them call out in Arabic when they were bullets flying around before they were killed?

Shameful, all for #Zionism that has no value of anything to offer this world but death.