Tomorrow is Thursday.

I, Yomi pondering about the kidnapped kids.
Tomorrow is another Thursday.
The Igbonla school boys were kidnapped on a Thursday morning.
How many Thursdays now?

They weren't kidnapped in their parents homes.
They weren't kidnapped in a private school.
They were kidnapped in a public school owned by Lagos state.
Till date, the state hasn't brought them black.
The state was slow to respond.

I thought the state is slow
But till yesterday.
Lagos organized local government election on Saturday and Sunday.
Monday, the state gave certificates of return to winners.
Tuesday, the state did swearing in for winners.
Speed. Lagos got speed.

But not for Igbonla boys.
They remain with kidnappers.
The wicked are always slow to help the weak.

Oh God, show mercy and release these boys.
Oh God, the state has failed the boys, step in and act.
And God please do it swiftly