Yes, White Europeans purposefully infected Native Americans with Smallpox.

I understand what they did. Now, has anyone understood why they came to this solution to do such? I see they say that these vermin was at first the ones that they did inhuman things? We need the exact day to day sequence of events of the interactions of the people that came to America then and the original inhabitants to see exactly how things transpired. Be honest and give an accurate chronology to show both sides. I know it was wrong for any nation to destroy any other nation by force or privilege, killling and destroying humans. This needs to stop and give the true accounts. And let that stand for the facts in real time so that history can have the real true record of the truth of who and what happened. It is time for the ruling families tied to the ones that came and took over the lands of the Natives to give it all back. I am white but have a tiny bit of native blood only enough to know that i want to be free from a system like it is now. But, i don’t want to be in a system where the leaders make women out of men like i understand that happened in the native culture. There are problems in all humans.

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