This is the first part of the tutorial: Migrate WordPress servers from AWS to GCP using Migrate for GCE (Velostrata) You can see the working source code and demo instructions in this repository.

In this section we will go through the installation of a 3 — Tier WordPress application in AWS and the corresponding security groups for the instances running on each tier.

The final solution will look like this:

One of the core offerings we have at GrowthOps is our Beyond Agile methodology for software delivery, which is heavily supported by different managed platforms in the cloud. Our preferred option is Google AppEngine standard configuration, and the reasons are explained here.

As you may already know, AppEngine (GAE) supports different runtime configurations. This benchmark is an attempt to understand the behaviour of AppEngine with various runtimes/libraries, with the intention of providing another input when deciding your AppEngine stack¹.

For this, I will calculate the number of instances spawned by GAE given a certain number of requests that run a…

There is a talk about this article here: Originally published at on June 19, 2017.

After rolling out PaperCut Views on the Google Cloud Platform, we realised that the operation cost was more affected by the instance running time than by the number of IO operations, storage, cache, etc. In this article, I will show the problems we found in our original architecture and the changes we made to reduce the operation cost by reducing the instance running time, hoping that our experience could help other teams doing similar products on the GCP.

What is PaperCut Views?

PaperCut Views is our free…

There is a talk about this article here:

If you are new to monads, I recommend reading the first part of this series for a basic introduction to monads in Java: Monads for Java developers: Part 1 — The Optional Monad

abstract: In this second part I will reinforce the the concept of monad by showing what happens inside the bind (flatMap) method. Also I will present the Log class to show how we can have side-effects-free logging capabilities thanks to monadic composition.

Summary of Part 1

  • Monads refer to types that wrap values such as Optional and Stream in Java.
  • The monad…

There is a talk about this article here:

abstract: Monads are simple yet powerful types that could give better structure to the code and in some cases can also help dealing with unwanted side effects. In this series of posts I will try to explain what monads are by showing some examples using Java, including a simplified version of the Result monad as an alternative to use Java exceptions for control flow.

What is a monad?

Technically, a monad is a parameterised type such as Optional and Stream in Java which:

  • Implements flatMap (a.k.a. bind) and unit (a.k.a. identity, return, Optional.of(), etc…).
  • Follows…

Hi-res photo and shooting details in:

Abstract: This entry shows the mistakes that I made when the picture was taken and the different adjustments that I did to it afterwards.

The idea that I have with this is to keep a record of my photos over a period of time, to track if there has been any progress. Also, I would like to share my point of view about photography, hoping that at some point it could be useful to someone else.

This entry is based solely on the way I think about photography: As an amateur with lots of things to learn.


This photo was…

Discusión alrededor de este trino:

Stibo pregunta esto:

Yo creo que los verdaderos devs valoran eso. Lo he vivido. El tema en COL para mi es diferente y pasa más por la falta de oportunidades en otras áreas.

Muchas personas terminan desarrollando porque es un “escampadero”. Hay trabajo y la remuneración es relativamente mejor que otras industrias. Esto indiscutiblemente lleva a software de no muy buena calidad y personas que cambian de empleo muy fácilmente, o que dejan el desarrollo para moverse a otras áreas de la industria.

El déficit de buenos devs, apasionados y…


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