The Key

Like pepper in the teeth

The facade was gone and you were human

Both the hero and the villain

The fourth wall broken

Leaving me to wonder, why do I build shrines to those just as human as me?

As if they have the secret to life while I am left searching for the key

The key that will leave me less susceptible to crumbling under pressure

The key that will give me the confidence that I know what I am doing

The key that unlocks the magical mystical power of being a true adult

The key is that no one knows what they are doing

The key is being able to confidently walk in ambiguity

The key is knowing that although the future uncertain, I will be okay

I will be okay because He has me in His hands

I can walk confidently through days of darkness because He has promised a new day with each morning

I can rest in the certainty that although I am uncertain, He is not

He has known my story, both the beginning and the end before I even took my first breath