Why I’m moving to Figma

I know. I should be using Figma already. So why now?

Disaster struck: I lost all my files.

I know. What kind of idiot doesn’t back up his work right?

Well jokes on you. The problem occurred while I was backing up. Because I was backing up. :(

During the backup process, something happened with my external HD that corrupted my OS. And just like that, I lost everything on both my local machine and my external hard drive.

Luckily, I’ve been using Figma for a while.

But not for everything. Not even close.

This was a good wake-up call though. I’ve been debating moving completely to Figma, as they are really becoming something amazing.

What kept me from doing so though, was the lack of control over certain things. As a graphic designer, Inkscape provided me with more alignment options, a few color controls and other bits that are used more for graphics than for UI’s, which is Figma’s focus.

But that I can live without.

Now I have a great opportunity: starting fresh somewhere where I don’t have to worry about my stuff, using an amazing tool.

And that’s why I’m moving.

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