I will not live in fear, damn it!
I thought you were a hurricane
Turned out you were just summer rain
You came to wash away all of my pain I needed you in every way
My summer rain
When you live in fear
You miss everything
I was struggling
When you stop fighting
The war within Everybody wins

These are lyrics in Sia's Summer Rainfrom the 2016 Album, This is Acting. It literarily describes the current situation of immigrants in America today as it gives hope and ultimately suggests (my take though!) that is really isn't what it seems, after all it may turn out to be just summer rain.

Fear is only as deep as the mind allows." Japanese Proverb

The news media is full of all kinds of stories around President Trump's immigration policies, travel ban for some muslims, deportation of undocumented immigrants blah! blah!! blah!!! With this much information overload from the news media it left a lot of immigrants, mean women and children to allow fear to set in and take over their whole being. Their lives will typically go from extreme love for the country and place they have come to call home to being extreme oppressed as thy begin to have doubts if this was ever the right move to immigrate to the united states, damn it! I should have listened to my instinct is said Canada!!

Where ever you are find yourself be it united states or canada, that is the place you are destined to be at that particular time and if for any reason you are frustrated or ultimately removed as an immigrant documented or not.

Let me go a bit spiritual now, it is my belief that God the supreme being knew everything about you before you were even born. He planned all this and no matter how it turns out, he has a hand in your destiny and trust me if he didn't want you in this country you would never have made it here in the first place. Remember people have died in plane crashes en route the United states and Canada, some were denied visas even at multiple visits to the embassies. But you made it here after all, and you better be grateful by being good and living your life everyday because you would be doing yourself a disservice if you choose not to do so.

Begin at once to live and count each day as a separate life.” ~Seneca

It could be a herculean task for some to overcome fear or failure as it has overtaken their whole being and they forget or choose not to live the moment but life is too short to let fear make future decisions for you and your loved ones. But we forget that these trying times open us to many of life's lessons and as Dr. Suess said “Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.”

"America La Wa!" This is a typical phrases meaning "This is America" in yoruba (Nigerian ethnic group) dialect to a new immigrant going through hard times settling in and who feel that they are being mistreated or living in fear. You need all your senses to be working for you to be able to get out of this current situation and your romance with fear will do you no good.

Check your history and you will see that most people in america have gone through similar situations or even worse. In the height of oppression, deportation, incarceration, xenophobia, some stayed back while some were kicked out of their own deliberate faults by engaging in criminal activities. This is all part of the american story, one filled with mixed feeling of love, tears, happiness, triumph, success, sadness and i believe that in no distant future, you would have attained credibility or eligibility to say"America La Wa!

So today go out and begin to live the america of your dreams, say to yourself I WILL NOT LIVE IN FEAR and I WILL LIVE MY LIFE ONE LIFE AT A TIME because you cannot afford to stop fighting that inner fear. After all its not a HURRICANEits just a SUMMER RAIN

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