Why Companies like Lyft, Uber, Postmates, Instacart etc Will Never Be Profitable.
Seyi Fabode

Are you rolling a business model alike, right? So, what happens is when do you deliver more revenue to the partner (NEW revenue) you can pick a part of the pie. It’s what happens at many brokers. The customer can:
1 — receive the NEW revenue during the partnership and pay for that.

2 — shut off the partnership and maintain only the OLD revenue, not paying nothing.

If don’t add NEW revenue. You can be changed to another broker. The math will be something about cost to generate OLD revenue X cost to generate NEW revenue. Another variables included as potential revenue, brand positioning and effort-effetive ajustment.

Or, as you mentioned, you can capture value from the market offering tailored solutions to the marketplace users (both sides).

I’m intrigated here, what are you doing about that revenue question at your ethic groceries app? Thank you! :D

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