Mischief Managed

He was full of pranks and jests.

The one where he pulled her close by her waist when they were walking, all in a jiffy.

The one where he pecked her cheek right before he left, out of the blue, and vanished before she could react.

The one where he’d bring ‘kissing her’ into every conversation.

She gifted him a tee for his birtbday that said ‘I solemnly swear I am up to no good’ in the front and ‘mischief managed’ on his back. For the prankster in him and the pranks that she enjoyed.

There where more as he brushed his hand against hers ever so innocently and gave that mischievous smile.

She thought his best was the one where he finally got her to fall for him.

Was that a prank? She didn’t know until he pulled off his ‘I’m getting married’ one.

This time she laughed hard as she knew he was getting her to say she loved him.

Her laughter turned to ashes as he gave her the date of his marriage and that is when the prank actually hit her. The one where he had made her fall for him.

Mischief managed.

One that will take her years to recover from.