Karachi’s last dancing bear rescued and kept at the zoo

September 1, 2017: Officials of the Sindh Wildlife Department (SWD) rescued Karachi’s last dancing bear from a private mini zoo owner in Nazimabad yesterday. The handicapped Baluchi black bear, which is allegedly missing two paws, is temporarily housed in a cage at the Karachi Zoo. Our source at SWD informed us of plans to shift the bear to a sanctuary in Punjab after the necessary legal action is taken against the perpetrators. According to the source, the department tried to rescue the same bear when it was on public display in Lyari about a year ago. The successful rescue from…

Our route for the journey from China to Pakistan


Team members will gather in Shanghai for the start of the 30 day 10,600 km journey of rediscovering the historic Silk Road

A 9-member group of experienced adventurers, writers, photographers, a movie maker and historians have gathered in Shanghai to finalize preparations for their 30 Day expedition starting on April 22, 2017.

The leader of the team, Khwaja (KM) Ali, says they will explore the transformation of the historic Silk Road from what it is today to what is planned for tomorrow. This expedition will follow the silk worms…

Dog shootings by Clifton Cantonment Board in DHA2 market, Karachi, Pakistan

Clifton Cantonment Board, the ones who keep Clifton immaculately clean and green for us, also like to shoot dogs. Today their dog shooters, in between snacks at DHA Phase 2 market, brutally shot two dogs. A resident heard the gunshots and informed Mustafa Ahmed of Home Four Paw & Claw who arrived on the scene immediately and stopped CBC shooters from further killings.

We appeal to residents of DHA and Clifton to keep their ears open for gunshots. Please go outside and stop CBC’s dog shooters. Ask them for a legal notice which they are supposed to have in their…

A film by Mahera Omar

A documentary on Pakistani architect and urban planner Perween Rahman and her remarkable work for Karachi’s poor.

“No one is safe in this city. Those who think otherwise are living in a fool’s paradise”, says Perween’s best friend and colleague Anwar Rashid as he navigates the chaotic roads of Karachi.

An architect and urban planner, Perween Rahman dedicated her life for the poor of Pakistan. She was shot dead by armed assailants on her way home in March 2013. When she joined the Karachi based Orangi Pilot Project, founded by Dr. Akhtar Hameed Khan, Orangi’s lanes were full of filth and choking gutters. …

Citizens demonstrate for Elephants and Houbara Bustards.

On 6th February, 2016, Members of Pakistan Animal Welfare Society (PAWS), ‘Elephants – from Cells to Sanctuaries’ and ‘Mahol Dost Shehri’ along with a large number of animal loving citizens demonstrated by peacefully standing on the path leading from MT Khan Road to the Beach Luxury Hotel. The citizens were demanding that all elephants in Pakistani zoos be unchained and moved from their cells to sanctuaries. Elephants. are mistreated, chained and locked up in solitary confinement in narrow cells in Pakistani zoos. …

The male pangolin at Dr. Ali Ayaz’s clinic in Gulshan, Karachi this morning

It is with a heavy heart that we announce the passing away of the rescued pangolin in Karachi. He could not make it through the night due to severe internal injuries from the five bullets so ruthlessly pumped into his body. The pangolin was rescued in the early hours of Sunday morning, January 24th from the posh neighbourhood of Zamzama in Karachi. A security guard outside a house claimed the pangolin was attacking him and shot him five times. 3 of the bullets lodged into the abdomen, while 2 in the front of the body.

When Dr. Ali Ayaz arrived…

A pangolin was shot 5 times by a security guard in the posh neighbourhood of Zamzama, Karachi late last night. The guard claimed the pangolin was attacking him, and so he fired 3 bullets into its abdomen, and 2 bullets into its front legs. Pangolins are nocturnal mammals native to South Asia. They are the most trafficked animal in the world and all 8 species are threatened with extinction.

Someone saw the pangolin on the road and asked for help on social media. I saw the post in the early hours of the morning and requested Dr. Ali Ayaz to…

Sheru, a rescued Pakistani puppy in his new home

For anyone who has not heard the news.. Sheru was adopted by an amazing family yesterday! A friend of our’s has created a little heaven inside her home in Karachi. She and her family have been so generous in opening their hearts to a rescued Pakistani puppy.

Sheru was born on the streets of our city and was rescued from a garbage dump by another friend of our’s who found him crying and in need of help. She nursed him back to health, got him cleaned up, vaccinated and showered him with love and affection. Now Sheru is in a…

On Tuesday November 10th concerned citizens met with Karachi University’s Vice Chancellor Dr. Muhammad Qaiser about putting an end to the stray dog killings on the university’s campus. The meeting was initiated by Sam Sattar, an animal lover who’s been at the forefront of creating awareness about humane stray dog management.

Karachi University has been poisoning and shooting dogs on its campus for decades. Pakistan Animal Welfare Society and others at the meeting urged the Vice Chancellor to consider adopting the university stray dogs as part of their natural environment and working toward neutering and vaccinating them. This would create…

Two Pakistani newspapers carry letters to the editor about elephants today. The News published a letter titled “Elephants in Chains” by Naeem Sadiq from Karachi. He writes about the cruelty meted to the six elephants in our zoos, which are “caged, tied with chains, confined in solitary cells, ill-treated, ill-fed and emotionally battered.” The other letter, originally published on the Pakistan Animal Welfare Society’s (PAWS) website a few weeks ago, is in The Tribune, about Kaavan, the Islamabad zoo elephant.

The News
Elephants in chains

Naeem Sadiq’s letter in The News today

The Tribune
Saving Kaavan

Mahera Omar

Documentary filmmaker based in Karachi, Pakistan. Co-Founder and director of Pakistan Animal Welfare Society @pawspakistan

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