Homemade labortary

I read few chapters of a book which describes early life of Edhi Shb. His life is full of motivation and learning for those who want to help humanity. The point that I have consider is that he is very committed to do hard work. Rather he was forced to do some act or he think to do, he worked hard. In his early age, he and his family faced very difficulties and problems but they faced it gently. His mother taught him how to live life. She used to say him “Go and find some needy people and help them with food and money”. This made an ability to differentiate between needy and lazy persons. He developed habit of helping others. He was very passionate to work hard and this is one of the main principle that relate to Amal’s principles of success. At his age of seven, his mother sent him with bag of food and money to help needy or injured people. He just did it regardless of its results. He worked hard to find injured person and help them by giving foods, medicines and blankets. This developed an interest to help others and after doing “kam” he started to believe himself that I can do it. Yes, I can find needy and help him. So, he started to believe in “Khudi”. One more principle that he had used to be success is that when he helped someone he never thought that if only I help him ,is his all needs will be fulfill? Because he believed in Amal’s principle “Ak or ak giara”.

From life of Edhi Shb, I have learned that help people regardless of its result and benefit. He always helped without any personal benefit. He just wanted to help humanity. This activity correlate with my services that I have performed in Hajj operation 2015 and 2016 at Lahore Hajji camp. Where I helped sweet guests of Allah by receiving them from main gate, picking up their luggage on shoulders, vaccinating them, giving their passports and tickets, refunding their money and accommodating them for stay. During all these services, I never have any personal benefit and it is a volunteer work. I feel proud and happy to help Hajj pilgrims. I like this activity of Edhi Shb because when I help others, they give Dua and I feel proud to help aged persons.

In my #Juststart project, I have started an experiment that I have been thinking for 3 months. This project is that I grow a plant at my house and then take their leaves and extract DNA by artificial means using ordinary things that we use regularly like washing liquid, Dettol etc. Then inoculate plant with this DNA and inject it. After new generation, I will observe the changes that I have made in plant. It’s a lab experiment but we students are not allowed to work like this in labs. That’s why I want to try this at home. But could not do. I want to do that because by this I want to develop my professional skills and knowledge by experimenting new things. I was facing many problems like I don’t have any equipment and chemicals and I must to sow a plant first and then proceed further. Secondly, I could not manage money to buy these chemicals and some alcohols that I need in experiment.

Now by attending two sessions of Amal fellowship, I passionate and motivate to do my experiment. Now I have sowed my plant and taking care of it. The first challenge that I have faced is about time. So, I took time from my busy schedule to buy soil and FYM and planted it. Secondly, I have some financial issue. But I am saving money to buy my chemicals to complete my experiment. I have learned that once you planned to do something in life, just start it. If you think about resources, time and money, you will never let it to finish. That’s why always be motivated by himself. Now I am taking care of my plant and approximately after two months, I will take its leaves and proceed my experiment. Moreover, I will save money during this time to buy my chemicals and let this experiment to finish.

grown plant for experiment
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