MILO Lena Dunham Wants the Extinction of White Men While Hillary Plans to Import ISIS by onlinemarketing usa
 MILO Lena Dunham Wants the Extinction of White Men While Hillary Plans to Import ISIS — — — — — — — — — — — — — MILO called attention to the comparability between Lena Dunham’s support for the “termination of white men” and Hillary Clinton’s objective to import potential ISIS individuals amid his discussion at Ohio State University on Sunday, declaring “Here’s an essence of Hillary’s America. It’s Lena Dunham discussing the “eradication” of white men.” “She can’t quit grumbling about the sexual orientation wage crevice, yet the Clinton Foundation has the most exceedingly terrible wage hole I’ve ever known about” announced MILO. “Poor Bill, each time he listens “sexual orientation” and “hole” in a similar sentence he gets hard. At that point he sees Hillary’s crossed eyes and insidiousness grin and he’s reserving another flight on the Lolita Express.” “Hillary’s surrogate Lena Dunham is contending against the presence of straight white guys in the meantime Hillary plots with the Muslim backers of ISIS to ship them here” he proceeded. “What a stirred up world we live in — the women’s activist needs assault culture while the Donald needs to ensure ladies.” “Here’s an essence of Hillary’s America” Milo finished up. “It’s Lena Dunham discussing the “eradication” of white men.” Hillary Clinton-supporter Lena Dunham posted an unusual video on Wednesday, including her and her Dad communicating support for the “eradication of white men”. “How are you feeling about the termination of white men?” Lena asks her dad in the video. “Indeed, white men are an issue. Straight white men are a major issue, that is without a doubt,” proclaimed her dad, Carroll. “However, I really feel entirely great about it,” he proceeded. “I think straight white folks have been botching things for a considerable length of time. High time for straight white guys to venture back and let some other individuals do it.” “That is my father!” answered Lena, as Carroll giggled.
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