How to avoid getting scammed

We think you’d agree that it’s really painful when you lose your deposit in a click. So let’s talk about SCAM today. SCAM is money loss because of fraud.

There are certain rules which will help you secure and protect your capital. We recommend you taking them seriously, the most important collected in this article.

Rule #1

Get a separate notebook for crypto accounts and wallets and write down all the logins, passwords, code words, etc. in there

Rule #2

Fraudsters may steal all your money using fishy smart contracts. Create new empty wallets to use in a resource you do not trust.

Rule #3

Always check whether you’re opening the right website. Fraudsters may create a fishing site with the same interface slightly changing the link. So when users log in, scammers get all their data.

Rule #4

Admins never send private messages first, even if all this looks plausible. They never do it.

Rule #5

Their contracts may have an embedded command and when you attempt selling this shitcoin it may cause you losing all the money in your wallet.
Remember rule no.1.

Rule #6

Don’t neglect security measures that you have available in your exchange account (two-step verification, adding email, etc.). They were designed to protect you.

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