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York PA Roofing Contractor Affordable Roofing Launches Campaign to Educate Local Homeowners on The Do’s and Don’ts of Hiring a York, PA Roofing Contractor for Their Home. Eliminate the frustration of improper roof installation and repair

York, PA (Pennsylvania), USA — Roland Morin, the co-owner of Affordable Roofing — a York County, PA, based Roofing Contracting Company, is pleased and excited to announce as well as share with everyone out there, the latest tips and expert information regarding choosing a roofing contractor for roof repair or replacement.

Having successfully founded and led this enviable company with many positive testimonials and referrals from their numerous clients throughout York Pennsylvania, if there was a roofing expert that knows his onions, and whose words should be adhered to, it is none else than Roland Morin.

Suffice it to say that Affordable Roofing is dedicated towards offering the most pleasant customer experience possible while providing their services in an honest, timely, professional and complete fashion.

Some of their works can be found on the following link —

Installing a new roof or making major repairs is indeed a major investment. To embark on such a task, it is absolutely necessary to do some verification and carry out some due diligence. “Check to be certain that your roofer has a 4 to 5-star rating with Angie’s list along with being voted best in county by local residents” Roland advises.

He continued; “Also, owner operated companies’ gives you the advantage of always working with the person responsible for complete job satisfaction, while also asking if the company is bonded and insured.”

As for Affordable Roofing, the owners work on each project offering free first year inspections of clients’ new roof. As against the industry standard, they also offer lifetime labor warranty, and include state of the art patented drip edge and shingles applied per manufacturer’s specifications.

It may seem like a lot of effort but the safety and security of one’s home is in the hands of the people a homeowner hire. “Ask that your company show you a list of satisfied homeowners that you could call for a referral and opinion. Take the time to check and be sure you have the right team for your homes repair or replacement” Morin concluded.

About Affordable Roofing
Affordable Roofing has been providing the residents of York, Pennsylvania, with quality roof repair and high levels of customer service. Eliminate the frustration of improper roof installation and repair today. Call Affordable Roofing on 717–953–3057”

To know more about Affordable Roofing and their Roofing Services, visit —

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