Best 9 Android Reminder Apps

In previous days, people were used to mark their calendars hanging on the wall to keep their reminders and appointments for important days. After that, planner device was introduced that was significant with scheduling activities and planning. With the evolution of technology the devices that were helpful to us once also upgraded. In this case, Cellphones, especially Android made so much progress and have made everything very easy for us. There is no need for you to carry a calculator, a camera, watch or GPS etc. So it will be the same thing regarding planners and reminders as well. As there are many other faces of life representing Best 9 Android Reminder Apps, it is also lies in vast market. So in the list there are number of them available and it is hard for you to select one. Get more Productivity Apps for Android Phones free at here.

Here is the list of Best 9 Android Reminder Apps:




BZ Reminder

Life Reminders

My Reminders

Google Keep


Google Now Launcher

If you are a classic man and love to do things in old fashioned way and also enjoy marking the old calendar then you can do the same but in a completely latest way, for this aCalendar is the best application. The best thing about this one is that it is something more than just recording events or reminders, unlike Google Calendar. aCalendar contains customized themes for your calendar, ability to sync different accounts to assemble the list for reminders and events and even NFC Support.