Countries Producing Most Palm Oil in the World

Palm oil is one of those ingredients which come in the mind whenever we think about most widely consumed oils. The oil is obtainable from mesocarp and enlists itself as one of the most consumed and popular vegetable oils. As the vegetable contains a large amount of beta-carotene content that’s why its colour is usually red. Thus we should not mix it up with palm kernel oil or coconut oil as they are only gotten from the kernel of this fruit and coconut palm respectively.

Here we are providing a complete list of those Countries Producing Most Palm Oil; you should take a look on that and see what actually you can get from it:

1: Indonesia (31000 yields)

2: Malaysia (19200 yields)

3: Thailand (2100 yield)

4: Columbia (1000 yield)

5: Nigeria (930 yields)

6: Papua New Guinea (630 yields)

7: Ecuador (565 yields)

8: Honduras (430 yields)

9: Cote Divoire (400 yields)

10: Brazil (340 yields)

According to this list, Indonesia is at number one with 31000 yields whereas the list ends at Brazil with 340 yields.

In the tropical belt of Europe, Africa, few parts of Brazil and Southeast Asia, while in producing cooking oil, palm oil is considered as the most important ingredient. As it is not much costly, that is why its production goes on increasing with the passage of time. Many of the cooking oil producing companies are demanding this fruit greatly because of its various human health benefits, and thus its usage in the food products has increased surprisingly. The top producer of Palm oil these days is Indonesia, well, a few years back Malaysia was the one at the top, but after taking some serious steps by a government of Indonesia, they got that title. The only disadvantage regarding the production of palm trees is that a huge number of deforestation performed for its plantation.