List of Most Olive Producing Countries in the World

Olives are not only useful in subway condiments, seasonings and pizza toppings but also they are well known for making several forms of oils. Most of the olive that is used in all around the world is to be found in Mediterranean region. It’s been assumed that olives production was found for the first time back in 7000 years when ancient Persian people used to sow the olive trees. The Olives production is not only restricted to Mediterranean region but also some places in the world where the climate is same as Mediterranean, olives are expected to be grown in those places too in recent times.

List of Most Olive Producing Countries in the World:

1: Spain (5.3 million tonnes production)

2: Italy (3.2 million)

3: Greece (2.2 million)

4: Turkey (1.3 million)

5: Morocco (750,000)

6: Syria (730,000)

7: Algeria (300,000)

8: Tunisia (841,000)

9: Egypt (330,000)

10: Portugal (325,000)

There are different kinds of olive oils. Though the oils that are used in cooking has a certain level of the extraction of olive oil like virgin or extra virgin olive oil. For eating, they put raw olives with preservative fluid in containers which are responsible for keeping them fresh for future use.

Though the production of Olive is all of the six inhabitable continents still the maximum amount of this ingredient comes from a Mediterranean climate. This is the reason that why countries from Asia, Oceania, South and North America didn’t make it on the list of Top 10 Olive Producing Countries. The above four nations on the list are from Europe, and they only are responsible for the 75% of production from the total production. After that Spain produces 40% of Olive Oil of the world production and after that Italy, Greece and Turkey follow them in seven digit productions. At the same time, the following four are from African region of Mediterranean climate and those are Tunisia, Morocco, Syria and Egypt. Then there come last two nations which are from Europe and Africa, known to be Portugal and Algeria respectively.